Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Dear LIB Readers: How do I let my lover go without hurting her feelings?

From a LIB reader
I am dating two ladies but love only one. For sake of this lets call them lady A and lady B. Now I've been dating lady A for five years now and the relationship was on course for marriage. Did preliminary intro with my parents about 4 months ago. Have never been reluctant to marry lady A and it is she that I feel the greatest affection for.
However about 2 months ago i meet lady B in my office and she was so drawn to me as a person that our conversations soon went from casual talk to pillow talk. Now i did encourage the communication and friendship with lady B so i'm not faultless. Well i did accept lady B as a lover but certain character traits,of hers, put me off.
She has this attitude of always picking faults with the way I speak to her. Also she frequently indulges in speaking her native tongue whether in front of a group of people that dont understand it. I find it unpleasent. She is what you call an Igbotic kind of person, Linda. Her manners and outlook on life is not entirely palatable to me. For one I have been encouraging her to speak more fluently in English instead of Igbo to no success. She did change the habit but quickly regressed.

Now here is where the shallow me comes in, lady B is great at sex. i enjoy it with her more than i do with lady a. Also she is more well built in bust and all than lady a. Lady a is petite and just average bust but i feel more drawn emotional to her. Lady b at times challenges me verbally and that is very unladylike.

So my problem is this. How do i let lady b go without hurting her feelings? I'm sure a lot of your commentators will love to crucify me but I will only like to say that he who is without sin should cast the first expletive laden comment.


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