Thursday, 16 August 2012

Monalisa Chinda reacts to these photos

Some sites put up these photos of Monalisa Chinda and very good friend, Egor Efiok, with the headline - is this Monalisa's lesbian partner? Silly, huh? The actress has reacted to the photos and insinuations. See it below...
"I don't have time for this kind of rubbish because I am busy. If people feel like they can cook up stories where there is none, then they should go ahead. Imagine this type of nonsense. It was a glorious day for me where we went to celebrate my sister's anniversary. We were all taking pictures in a public place, how does that translate to the rubbish people were saying online? You saw the picture, what do you make of it? I don't have time for this please, I won't be dragged into it at all"


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