Monday, 17 September 2012

2 workers found at the bottom of a pool in a Chinese-owned company in Lagos

So, I got this email last week from a guy who said his friend's brother who worked for a Chinese company died in the company's pool sometime last week.

He said the young factory worker decided to sleep over at the company and the following evening, his body and that of another colleague were found inside the company's swimming pool, with blood coming out of their ears, nostrils, and mouth. They say they suspect foul play.

I didn't put up the story at the time because I wanted to get more info. The new info I have now are the names of the dead men, the name of the company and the address. I will leave the company's name out of this for now because most of the police stations contacted around the area about this case said they are not aware of no one has reported it. The company is situated at Rev Ogunbiyi Str., Ikeja and the names of the dead men are: Imhonbhio Martins Odion from Ewohimi, Edo state and Richard Dada from Ugoja Rivers State.

A trusted reporter friend of mine is working on the story and as soon as I get details, I will definitely update you all. Continue to see the dead workers being pulled out of the pool...but *viewers discretion advised*


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