Thursday, 27 September 2012

Argument Against Oral Sex

Early Thursday morning, see the email I got. Oshisko! *hiss* :-)
Dear Linda, I read a post where you asked why some people do not engage in oral sex. Here's my answer to you. When a women sucks up, tastes or swallows semen during oral sex, she is drinking the very essence of life.  She is engaging in cannibalism and the man is engaging in facilitation of cannibalism.  I know your next question is what if you have been impaired by way of female circumcision, how do you enjoy a sex life?  Your husband can fondle you and you will enjoy intimacy that way.  So I hope that you do not engage in oral sex and if you ever do you repent and turn a new leaf.  Similarly a man should not taste the private area of a woman for the same reasons.  Hope my answer satisfies you innermost queries. It is simply engaging in drinking of life/human blood both ways. Even when the private areas of a woman may look clean there are traces of blood for various reasons.
Hopefully, some men do not agree with this. Keep doing what you do...we women appreciate it *wink*


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