Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hilarious headline - Actress calls Governor's wife mummy yet sleeps with her husband (lol)

It's a piece written by Ann Okwologu for Yes Magazine. I found it so hilarious. It's not the story itself, it's the way Ann wrote it...with a lot of vexation. So funny! Lol. I See some of it below...
Our world is full of evil. Imagine taking someone in as your god daughter only for the person to turn around and begin to sleep with your husband. The most unconscionable aspect of it is that this wicked soul still addresses you as 'Mummy' anytime she sees you. Smiling and always kneeling to greet you!
The above is exactly what is playing out now in the lives of a governor, his wife and a top actress. The wife so loved the actress after watching one of her films that she got people to introduce them. The became friends and the actress started frequenting her home and along the line she too was introduced to the governor and it now became a family affair. The actress came up with a project which the woman convinced her husband to bankroll.
And in the course of doing that, during one of the actress' visits to the man's office, one thing led to another and they started sleeping with each other! The irony of this shameful act is that the evil actress still bows to greet the Governor's wife, calls her mummy and the husband daddy when people are watching. Alone with the man, she calls him darling or honey.
LMAO! Who writes gossip like this?  I love this Ann woman, I'm telling you! Lol


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