Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sickening video footage of a doctor raping his female victims before performing illegal abortions on them

The disgusting doctor - Joshua Drah
I don't think any of you have seen anything this disgusting and dehumanizing. I haven't. Young girls will come to this Ghanaian doctor's clinic for abortions, and while performing the illegal abortion with unsterilized equipment, he will tell them that there's a membrane covering their vagina and his hands can't get to it, so he needs to use his penis to open it up. While the girls' legs are strapped, he will remove his pants and have sex with them with no protection. And when he's done, he will continue the abortion. Sounds unbelievable, right? It was all captured on tape by a Ghanaian journalist who went undercover.

See the video after the cut...but please Viewer Discretion Advised. It's very graphic, it's sickening, and there's sex in it so be careful where you watch the video...

Video spotted at Nameandshameghana


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