Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tom Tom Honey Lemon: The new taste of relief

If I asked you to describe soothing relief would you be able to? If I said ‘soothing relief’ what kind of images come to mind? Let me introduce you to a new taste from Cadbury’s TomTom.  

Cadbury brings to you TomTom Honeylemon. TomTom Honeylemon is the new Taste of Relief and it promises soothing relief.

TomTom Honeylemon comes in a beautiful, dainty yellow and white pack.  Guess why we picked the color yellow?  You guessed right it’s the colors of the 2 key flavors in our candy – Honey and Lemon.

It’s in a dainty small pack that can fit into your pocket, handbag……; it’s small enough for you to take anywhere. 
And if you want to show off to your friends tell them that a single candy comes in a pillow pack.  Look at the picture below and take a wild guess why it’s called a pillow pack.  Yes you guessed right the pack is in the shape of a pillow.
It’s an easy to open pack and once opened you’ll find the most inviting yellow sweet with a white stripe across it.
Take a look – what do you think?
TomTom Honeylemon is a pleasant blend of honey and lemon flavors mixed with cool menthol to soothe your throat leaving you cool and calm.
So why this interesting blend of flavors?

Have you ever had an unrelenting sore throat? Honey has been proven to be a natural throat soother! Are you an athlete looking for a natural energy boost before the big game? Honey’s unique blend of natural sweeteners gives it the ability to provide quick energy in any circumstance. Honey is a pure and natural sweetener.
Interesting Fact - Honey is produced by bees as a food source. In cold weather or when fresh food sources are scarce, bees use their stored honey as their source of energy.

The health benefits of lemons have been known for several hundred years, it is an excellent source of Vitamin C and back in the day was used to treat and prevent scurvy in sailors. The lemon fruit is the single largest and best source of Vitamin C. It has been found that a single lemon contains as much as 40 mg of Vitamin C (the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C). 
Interesting Fact - The origin of the lemon fruit is a mystery, though it is thought that lemons first grew in Southern India, northern Burma, and China. It is a hybrid between sour orange and citron.

Menthol is an organic compound made synthetically or obtained from peppermint or other mint oils. Menthol has local anesthetic and counterirritant qualities, and it is widely used to relieve minor throat irritation.
Interesting Fact - Menthol has local anesthetic and counterirritant qualities, it helps relieve itching, and because it imparts a tingling sensation to the skin, it is used in after shave lotions and skin fresheners.
So when put together what does this give you?  A candy that has the natural sweetness of Honey, the freshness of Lemon and the coolness of Menthol.  

TomTom Honeylemon soothes your throat and leaves you feeling cool and calm.
So when you want to get away from the chaos and drama of everyday life just pop one TomTom Honeylemon candy in your mouth, shut your eyes, put your head back and let the mix of honey, lemon and menthol take over your senses.

If you have a surprise date after and you don’t think your breath smells quite right don’t panic.  Just pop one TomTom Honeylemon candy in your mouth and you’ll be feeling confident enough for anything.
If you have a big presentation for school or work and your throat doesn’t feel quite right and you’re feeling unsure of yourself just one pop of TomTom Honeylemon will soothe your throat and make you a feel good.  Good enough to give the best presentation.

And if you just want a candy that’s actually good for you TomTom Honeylemon is the way to go.
TomTom Honeylemon is available everywhere and I mean everywhere, from the mallam in front of your house to your local supermarket to the likes of Shoprite.  

Because we know when you start you just can’t stop TomTom Honeylemon is available for sale in single units and in packs of 40.
Go get your new TomTom Honeylemon for that Soooooooooothing Relief NOW. 

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