Saturday, 8 September 2012

Woman falls from the sky? Oh dear! :-)

Why do people believe such stories? I don't! But some of  you might, so decided to share..:-). According to a LIB reader who took the photo and sent the story in; around 4am this morning, a woman (pictured above) supposedly fell from the sky in front of a house that was doing all night prayer. The house is behind Redeemed Christian Church of God, Eagle Island, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. They said after she fell, she started crying and speaking a language nobody could understand.

Usually with stories like this we hear of mob action. But nobody tried to beat this woman. People were too scared to go near her. Halleluyah for that!

Some of you remember that 11 year old boy that was set ablaze some years back in Surulere, after some people claimed he fell from the sky? Fashola arrested quite a number of people for his murder, but were all later released. Why do some people believe such stories? Do you? Are there really flying witches at night? I'm on the fence on this one :-)


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